The summer heat is finally waning and the desert has turned green. As the fall rains rejuvenate Baja, many animals return to their winter grounds, creating a nature lovers paradise. The highlights include an impressive list of megafauna ranging from sea lions to whales, but before “whale watching season in Cabo San Lucas” starts, our focus is on the largest fish on this blue planetthe whale shark.

Come join Cabo Trek for a day to experience the beauty of La Paz and the whale sharks, which inhabit its waters.

Gentle Giants of the Sea of Cortez

Whale Shark in CaboWhale sharks can be found from fall to late spring in the Bay of La Paz, with reports showing some individuals never leave their winter feeding grounds in the Sea of Cortez. Growing to over 40 feet in length and weighting over 20 tons, snorkelling with these creatures can be one of the most memorable outings a human can experience. This family friendly activity is perfect for visitors of all ages. Cabo Trek provides you with everything you need to snorkel with these behemoths in their natural environment as they cruise the shallows filtering plankton.

The whale sharks can be found near the middle of a piece of land extending in front of La Paz. It is believed that upwelling occurs on a shallow ridge dropping from six feet to around 35 feet, giving the whale sharks an ideal feeding location. Whale sharks are filter feeders, like baleen whales, and do not have any teeth. However, because of their extreme size, some distance should be kept between the animal and yourself for the sake of both our guests and these endangered animals.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

We leave Cabo San Lucas on our whale shark trek in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle and drive through the lush sub-tropical desert to La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur. After arriving to the Bay of La Paz we get everyone suited up for the swim of a lifetime.

Our local boat captain, paired with our marine biologist guide will take you on a short boat ride to the winter grounds of the whale shark. Make sure to keep your eyes open during the ride for any other creatures which might be about, including whales, manta rays, and even dolphins.

Now it is time for the moment you have been waiting for, being up-close and personal with the largest fish in the

sea. Cabo Trek will take you eye-to-eye with whale sharks Whale Shark in Bajawhile also explaining what it is that you are witnessing, as the animals display different feeding and swimming techniques only inches away.

After our snorkel, we will take some time to enjoy the La Paz marina front over some fish tacos and a cold beverage. Covering any questions about the animals and debriefing this once-in-a-lifetime event. Then as the sun begins to drop we will make our way back to Cabo San Lucas for some much needed rest after a full day snorkelling with the “whale sharks of La Paz”.

Cabo Trek offers small group sizes and only has a limited number of tour dates available, so give us a call today to book an informative adventure the entire family can enjoy!

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