Cabo Trek writes a monthly article for the local Destino Magazine, this month we wrote about the Sierra la Laguna and the amazing trip we had!

Sierra de la Laguna hike report

Sierra la Laguna Trip Report - Cabo San LucasWhen I told a friend I was going away for a few days for a hike he asked me:” where are you travelling this time?” I just answered:” I’m not going very far, Sierra de la Laguna is just around the corner!”

Can you believe it? Cabo San Lucas, renowned beach, fishing, whale watching, golfing, watersports and party destination also boasts a mountain waiting to be climbed?

Indeed the Baja California Sur region is blessed with this mountain range, where the highest point called “El Picacho, reaches 6.857 feet (2.090 meter).

Surprises don’t end here: The southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, including the Sierra de la Laguna, was formerly an island in prehistoric times with endemic flora and fauna found only in the Sierra de la Laguna and surrounding region.

peak of sierra la lagunaIn 1994, almost the same year as Cabo Pulmo became a recognized marine reserve, the UNESCO designated the Sierra de la Laguna as a global biosphere reserve: this semi arid to temperate subhumid climate area represents highly important and contrasted ecosystems not found elsewhere in Baja.

Back to our trip: as the date of our adventure start came closer, the 4 of us: Darren, Manuel, Frankie, myself, as well as Marley my dog, were becoming very excited as we didn’t really know what to expect. Even a google research will result in quite slim information on this area, so we started to prepare for every type of situation. The good news, we knew we were going to find water once we reached the valley at 5,600 ft, our home for the next four days. The plan consisted of a four day hike: 1st day going up till our base camp, 2nd day goal was to reach the top “El Picacho”, 3rd day refreshing at the waterfalls and 4th day hike down back to Todos Santos.

camping base at the valley sierra la lagunaI must admit that the hike was far more strenuous than expected, we all are around 30 years old and I would say, in good health conditions but we had to sweat to reach our first goal, Marley gave up before the final push towards the top and we had to carry him the remaining miles. We were very thankful to the mule for carrying the heaviest items up to base camp, leaving oursevles each with only small bags for food and water. Eight hours after leaving the desert floor, tired legs, sweat on our brow and empty water bottles we reached our campsite, ready for a hot meal and a long nap.

But is the effort to get up there really worth it? There’s only one answer: YES.

As your heart finally slows and your lungs are able to catch their breath, the feeling of success quickly sets in. Endemic cactus sheltered below pine trees and oaks filled with chirping birds highlight the unique landscape. Far away from the crowded streets Cabo San Lucas and La Paz, the horns of taxis have transformed into gently flowing streams and the distant city lights give way to countless stars in every direction. Although these stars can be seen much more freely from a hammock, this area is prone to late night showers, which will quickly have you running for the tent. It is a must to bring some weatherproofing supplies such as a tarp and rain jacket, as mountain-effect rain can come quite unexpectedly.

waterfalls at sierra la lagunaThe best time of the year is probably around November, right after the rainy season. During this time, waterfalls powerfully cut through the landscape and budding flowers abound, but April-May can also be an ideal time to hike into the Sierra, with moderate day time temperatures and cool nighttime lows.

This was an adventure out of the ordinary, taking in account that this location is found in a place surrounded by ocean and desert. Consider this as an expedition into the wild and as such be prepared accordingly as there are no installations or amenities to be found along the road.

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