A 4 day hike up to the top “El Picacho”.
Starting from Todos Santos we took an 8 hours hike up to the base camp which is the place where once the laguna used to be.

This is the perfect spot to set up you tent as it is protected by trees and also because water is very close.

From this point we took a 2,5 hours hike up to the top of the mountain on the second day and a 3 hour hike to the waterfalls on the 3rd day.

There is a second way to reach the base camp and that is when starting from San Dionisio (close to Santiago). This hike takes longer but is not as steep as the one from Todos Santos.

We also hired a guide and 2 donkeys for carrying the heavy equipment. In our planning we included 4 liters of water for the first day hiking: at the base camp the water from the river is drinkable, at least we had no troubles even though we did not boil it.

Plan the hike carefully as you are entering rough terrain with no assistance around you: even cell phone does not work all the time, only in a few exposed spots you get a bit of signal. You need to take everything you need with you, and be prepared for rain as that eventuality is always around.

Best time to go: November through April.
In this time there should be great amount of water and vegetation is green. Temperatures are more comfortable, especially for the long hikes up and down to and from the base camp.

At the base camp temperatures are comfortable although during the night we needed a jumper as it got pretty fresh. We went in late May, so I believe that during the winter it must be even colder.

And don’t forget to carefully choose your travel companions, the better the people with you the more awesome the whole trip!! 🙂

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