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Cabo Trek is proud to collaborate with Shark Research Mexico. This partnership perfectly aligns with our mission and values as an eco-conscious tour operator deeply committed to ecological tourism and species conservation.

At Cabo Trek, we firmly believe that the fusion of scientific research and education is a powerful catalyst for lasting change in marine conservation efforts. We strengthen our commitment to marine education and advocacy by joining forces with Shark Research Mexico. Together, we create opportunities for future marine and environmental biologists and engage and empower our local and global community to actively participate in preserving our oceans.

Our collaboration with SRM not only fosters a platform for education and research but also offers the logistical support necessary for local and international students to conduct meaningful research projects under the guidance of our experienced team. Through this partnership, we aspire to drive positive actions that will contribute to the health and vitality of our oceans, both now and for generations to come.

Shark Research Mexico (SRM) is a Non-Profit organization based in Baja California Sur, Mexico. It is the leading organization dedicated to researching and conserving sharks and rays in the Gulf of California.

We are a global provider of marine education and at the forefront of shark research. We believe that constant scientific research and education are the key drivers to inspire long-term change and commitment to sustain an abundant & vibrant marine environment. Through these tools, we strive to inspire, engage, and empower future marine and environmental biologists and the community to make positive steps to generate healthier oceans now and in the future.

As an organization, we offer an educational and professional platform for local, national, and international students and provide all of the necessary logistical support they might need to accomplish their research goals under the supervision of our team.

Research Objectives for the species under our investigation:

1) Understand the population demographics and distribution of all shark species in the Gulf of California.

2) Generate a robust database of pelagic sharks in our region and determine their seasonality, residency, movements and influence from environmental factors.

3) Use modern data logging instruments on sharks and other migratory species to determine specific energy conservation strategies and swimming characteristics, as well as the effect of tourism activities on the natural behaviours of these species.

4) Use extensive photo Identification techniques to catalogue and evaluate seasonal aggregations of whale sharks, manta rays and other protected species in our region, and provide biological information to support governing agencies to improve the management strategies and the sustainability of tourism activities.

5) Evaluate trace elements in commonly consumed sharks in our region and surrounding areas to generate a baseline of information to investigate any potential danger for human consumption and sale of these products in our community.

6) Investigate antibiotic susceptibilities of bacteria Isolated from the teeth of shark species used for tourism activities and commercially fished as a way to quantify the extent of antibiotic resistance in order to provide definitive microbiologically based guidance for appropriate therapy for respective victims in cases of shark bites.

7) Investigate the effects of social media content on the conservation and protection of sharks in our area.

8) Investigate the human impact on shark related tourism activities in Mexican waters and generate protocols for beneficial shark ecotourism and improve management of these resources

9) Use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to obtain photogrammetry measurements and behavioral information of sharks for a range of scientific studies adopting non invasive approaches to survey sharks biology and ecology.


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