This post is a little bit off topic but still relevant to the daily life and nightlife in Cabo San Lucas!

Today we feel like talking about the many sport bars, where the sports lover  on vacation can go see their team or favorite athlete and keep up to date with the round of games, fights, or positions, be it baseball, basketball, hockey, football, soccer, box, formula 1, etc…

This series of excellent bars offer games that are transmitted via satellite and thus accessing almost any sporting events in the world, are generally transmitted in television sets of large high definition screen in which you can enjoy them.

eco sport bar in cabo san lucasMany times, when the sporting event is not so important, it is necessary to ask the waiter or the bartender to tune in to the event, which will do so gladly. It is important to note that often the events of great magnitude as for example superbowl, are accompanied by a promotion from the bars, since the very diverse competence of the sports bars in Los Cabos they always will seek the way to attract more customers, which surely is a plus for the client.

Check out this restaurant which in our opinion offers a great service as well as great food. Located right at the marina of Cabo San Lucas, the Eco Bar is our sports bar of choice!

And while you’re in Cabo San Lucas, why not getting active and join yourself a sport that you like


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