Cabo Wildlife Tour

Baja California has an incredible variety in different species of animals

Baja California is a safe heaven for many different species!

PRE Season tour: 5th Dec. till 14th Dec.

POST Season tour: 16th Apr. till 30st Apr.

Tour Duration: 2,5 hours

Tour times:

  • 09:00 am
  • Other times upon request!


  • 65 USD Adults
  • 35 USD Children (6-12 years)
  • Kids under 6 free
  • Private tours also available!


Boat ride, Marine Biologist, Bottled Water, Hydrophone

What to Bring:

Sweater, Camera, Sunscreen, Hat

Best time to go:

  • November 70% 70%
  • December 70% 70%
  • January 100% 100%
  • February 100% 100%
  • March 100% 100%
  • April 70% 70%
  • May 70% 70%

PRE & POST Season Wildlife tours

Brandt's CormorantAlthough whales are the main attraction throughout the winter months, many other wildlife species can be found in the waters surrounding Los Cabos, both on the Pacific ad Sea of Cortez sides. We will be focusing on other species of marine life but of course, if we happen to spot a whale while we are out there, we will most definitely stop and see what he/she is up to. The tour would leave at the desired time 09:00am and run for a duration of 2.5 hours. The first 30-45 minutes of the trip will cover history of Los Cabos, along with fish and bird identification along the Land’s End area. We will then stop for a photo opportunity in front of the Arch before moving on to some marine mammal education at the California sea lion colony. From there our tour will head out into either the Sea of Cortez or Pacific Ocean depending on conditions and activity, looking for some of the more impressive pelagic creatures that can be found in Los Cabos waters, these include:

  • common dolphins,Thresher Shark_CaboTrek_2
  • spinner dolphins,
  • pilot whales,
  • hammerhead sharks,
  • Mobula manta rays,
  • sea turtles,
  • marlin,
  • thresher sharks,

and of course larger cetaceans such as:

  • humpback,
  • gray, and
  • blue whales.

These tours will finish with a ride down the scenic Los Cabos shoreline, looking for shore birds and taking time for some photo opportunities along the way. This is a great way to beat the whale watching crowds and enjoy the tranquility of the ocean. Every tour is led by a marine biologist with many years of local experience in finding marine activity and understanding animal behavior.

Little EgretWhale Watching in CaboMobula Manta
Brown Booby Dolphin Little Egret Mobula Manta Olive Ridly Sea Turtles Mating California Sea Lion sea lion colony               Great Blue Heron overlook Sleepy California Sea Lion        

Cabo Wildlife tours run a little bit before and a little bit after the whale watching season:

  • 5th till 14th of December and
  • 16th till 30st of April

During this period of time Cabo Trek runs 1 daily tours of approximatively 2,5 hours:

  • 09:00
  • More times available upon request. Contact us

Humpback whales itinerary_map

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