Our Boat



2 Own boats

32 Ft (10m) long

250 HP, 4 Stroke, Yamaha engines

Capacity for 14 guests per boat




Cushioned seats

Marine bathroom

Water-proof roofs to provide ample shade

Wheel-Chair accessible




Licensed captains

Marine biologist guide


Audio system for better hearing


Pros of Small Boats Vs. Big Boats


Can get closer to the whales

Can get faster to the whales

It is safer for the whales

It’s a more intimate experience

Pro’s of Pangas Vs. Zodiac


More comfortable, safer ride

Marine restroom on board

Possibility of moving around on the boat

Big shaded area

Rules for Whale Watching in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo Trek’s boats allow us to use safe whale watching practices as recommended by numerous science and conservation groups. These well-equipped boats allow Cabo Trek and our customers to approach the whales at a safe, yet close distance without interfering with their natural wildlife behaviors.