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Another Reason to Love the Ocean
Cabo Trek LogoAt Cabo Trek we want you to be part of our efforts to further the understanding and appreciation of the world by re-establishing our connection with mother nature. Cabo Trek works diligently toward creating a common consciousness and understanding of the oceans and we strive to make a difference in this world by interacting with it with responsibility and humanity.

And Scuba Diving or Snorkeling here in Cabo San Lucas is surely a great way to re-establish that connection: being fully immersed surrounded by hundreds of different species of marine life is an experience that certified divers enjoy each and every dive while first timers are blown away by the experience!

Whether it’s the Pacific Ocean or the Sea of Cortez, this waters have been nominated the “aquarium of the world” by Jacques Cousteau.

Fully immersed in this beauty we are sure to make your trip unforgettable. It is through our scuba diving and snorkeling tours that we achieve our mission: giving you another reason to love the ocean and furthering your understanding and appreciation of it.

Climb aboard and lets go diving!

Our team is comprised of genuinely talented and Earth-loving people.

Cecilia is a passionate photographer, scuba diver and freediver. After she finished her studies in graphic design and photography, 4 years ago, she moved to Cabo and she has been working as photographer since then. She has a especial love for the ocean and she is really interested in protecting it. She has been volunteering in conservation and education programs and organizations for the last 2 years. She also believes that real ecotourism is a good way to connect people to nature.

Adriana Galindo de Moser is a good person to have in your corner. You might not see her around the shop very often, but without her this project would not have been possible. She plays a very important rule in the whole organization of Cabo Trek handling important essentials like public relations, communications, operations management and last but not least moral support. The baby (Valentina) in her hands is our biggest motivation to get up in the morning and give our best each and every day!

CaboTrek was founded by Philipp Moser, a true world trekker who has lived and worked in many exotic locations such as Thailand, Nigeria, and different parts of Central America. He’s a professional and energetic Austrian entrepreneur with lots of passion for the ocean and the environment. He first came to Cabo in 2011 for a planned “short period of time”, but amazed with the surrounding natural beauty, decided to make it his permanent home. For this reason he created CaboTrek. Supported by an incredible team of incredible people who share his same vision, passion, and enthusiasm for the oceans and great outdoors.

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