Cabo Trek has a “scuba diving” operation on board of one of the biggest sailing catamarans in the world and for sure the biggest in “Cabo San Lucas”.

This tour is actually designed to take out approximatively 100 persons snorkeling: but since the 1st of February 2015, the day Cabo Trek started working on this vessel, snorkelers have the opportunity to upgrade on board (if you have not booked in advance) to a Discover Scuba Diving experience (DSD) or just sign up of single tank dive either in Santa Maria Bay or in Chileno Bay.

In this particular case i’m about to tell the story of Seversen Family:

Well, they all signed up for a snorkeling trip and Mum and the little daughter sticked to the original plan while Morgan and Laura decided to try what it means breathing underwater! Cabo Treks instructors are all highly qualified PADI scuba diving instructors with years of teaching and diving on their back, so a safe and fun experience is almost guaranteed.

So after a half an hour basic explanation of how scuba diving works, we finally reached our destination: today Santa Maria Bay! Time to put hands on the equipment and off we go in the water!

Excitement is the right word to define what’s going on in scuba divers first timers. The diving conditions starting from early July till even January usually are perfect, meaning: warm water equals no need for wet suits, clear visibility and lots of fish to see!

They call this peace of Ocean the aquarium of the world and for a good reason: the amount of variety in fish species is mind blowing! Yellowtail Surgeon fish, Angel Fish, Puffer Fish, Moray Eels, Turtles, Eagle Rays, Sting Rays, Mobula Mantas, Hammerhead Sharks, Bull Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Whale Sharks, Humpback Whales, Gray Whales, Marlin, Tunas, Wahoo, are among the animals we can encounter underwater in Baja California Sur!

yellowtails surgeon fish


Back to our story:

Scuba diving in Los CabosLaura and Morgan are naturals in the water, they mastered the first 5 critical minutes: that is in my opinion the “sliding door” between someone will complete the experience or pull out. Clearing the ears, get used to breath from a regulator, adjust to this strange new weightless environment. At the beginning I focus a lot on the respiration technique: breath should be slow, deep and continuos, another thing I found out is the importance of eye contact. Especially when someone is particularly nervous I tell them to keep eye contact and that relaxes them…at least that is what they tell me!

So at the end we had a happy family, everybody could dedicate time on their favorite activity and they could spend some quality time on the boat, enjoying a nice barbecue, some soft animation for those who felt like dancing: what can you ask more when you can combine all of this in one single tour?


A lot of the activities in Cabo San Lucas and surrounding are seasonal:

  • Scuba diving and snorkeling are done all year round although the best time is from June till January
  • If you are interested in Humpback whales you have to visit Baja California Sur starting from the 15th of December till the 15th of April
  • Whale Sharks can be found from October till late February
  • The best season to see the Grey Whales in Lopez Mateo ( aka Magdalena Bay) is from mid January till Mid March.

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