The sunsets are a true spectacle for free, that you can not miss… We already know the beauty and natural diversity of Mexico, wherever we look we will find more reason to appreciate what surrounds us, a single time during the day is the sunset and in some places are like nowhere else. Within the Mexican Republic either in the mountains or its shores you can enjoy this natural wonder, however there are key places that will make this experience an unforgettable memory.

Sunset in Cabo San LucasIf we talk about colonial places and enigmatic people, we could not fail to mention Aguascalientes which is world famous for the spectacular sunsets that you can enjoy and admire in Hill of the dead named by the way in which the Hill resembles a body lying on the horizon. In the Mexican Coast this beautiful reddish landscape, you can also admire from the South to the North, in the South combined with the majestic Mayan ruins like Tulum, which make a real postcard view and in the North passing through the coasts of Guerrero and the Pearl of the Pacific coasts of Sinaloa, Mazatlan, we come to the end of Los Cabos land Baja California Sur, a sunset with the view of the famous arch in Cabo San Lucas, for more info we recommend the following tour operator: Sunset Cruise in Cabo

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