Cabo Turtles

Witness the miracle of life that unfolds in front of your eyes!

Baja California is a safe heaven for many different species!

Cabo Turtle Nesting Season Start: 15th Jul. till 1st Nov.

Tour Duration: 16 hours

Cabo Turtle Release Season Start: 1st Sep. oil 15th Dec.

Tour Duration: 4 hours

Combo tours available from: 1st of Sep. till 1st of Nov.

Tour Duration: 18 hours

Tour times:

  • 04:00 PM till 10:00 AM (Combo Tour)
  • 04:00 PM till 07:30 PM (Turtle Release)
  • 05:00 PM till 10:00 AM (Turtle Nesting)
  • Tours take place every Wednesday
  • Other days available upon request!


Turtle Nesting:

  • 150 USD Adults
  • 130 USD Children

Turtle Release:

  • 95 USD Adults
  • 75 USD Children


  • 210 USD Adults
  • 190 USD Children


Marine Biologist, Bottled Water, Camping Gear, Transportation, Food and Beverages (when camping), Lights.

What to Bring:

Sweater, Camera, Sunscreen, Hat.

Best time to go:

  • July 80%
  • August 100%
  • September 100%
  • October 100%
  • November 100%
  • December 80%

Cabo Turtle Hatchery Tour

Hatchlings running to the seaThe wildlife in Cabo San Lucas is never on holidays! As the summer season begins turtles start to invade the beaches of Baja California Sur and you can be part of this miracle of live that unfolds in front of your eyes. Thousands of Olive Ridley and Black Turtles come to shore to lay their load of eggs deep in the sand before returning to the sea and disappear in the wide open Ocean. Doesn’t take too long, around 45 day before the hatchlings will make their run to the Ocean as well. Only a few will survive and make it back one day to lay their eggs: our task is raise the percentage of survival as much as possible, by taking care of the nest and protect them until the day of birth and helping them reaching the Ocean.

The place we will be going to is located just a few Km out of Cabo San Lucas along the Pacific Ocean, a remote location that offers the opportunity to escape the crowds of Los Cabos and enjoy a nature full immersion experience, especially should you decide to enrol in the nesting or combo activity which includes an overnight stay under the stars.

All the tours are guided by marine biologists that work for the Mexican non-profit civil association ASUPMATOMA. The conservation project is almost 20 years old which will ensure a safe and educational learning experience, the usual way of Cabo Trek making learning fun. The time spent together will allow us to conduct environmental education activities as well as raise awareness of the necessity to protect Nature and the endangered species such as the turtles are.

Cabo Turtle Nesting Tour: From the 1st of July till 1st of November

Olive Ridley turtle laying eggsThis option allows you to spend a good amount of time in touch with nature. The activity involves an overnight stay at the beach. As there
are no hotels close, you have the option of sleeping in a tent or directly under the stars, your choice. A camp fire and a barbecue will be part of this adventure.

The actual turtle relate activity consists in an aprox. 2 hour walk (usually between 10:00PM and 12:00AM) along the beach and trying to find where the turtles are nesting (almost guaranteed to find at least 2 to 3 nest every night), once it’s safe to collect the eggs, we will secure them in special containers and relocate them in a safe place waiting for them to hatch.

Cabo Turtle Release Tour: From the 1st of September till the 15th of December

Marine Biologist lead turtle hatchery tour cabo san lucas

This option will take about 4 hours to complete. The release of the turtles is done in the early evening after we had a 30 minutes briefing about the story of the camp, the conservation work done and many information about the turtles.

Please note that during this time, as we get closer to the winter time, chances are high to see the first Humpback Whales travelling south towards Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo Turtle Combo Tour (Nesting & Release): from the 1st of September till the 1st of November

This is the complete experience where you get to see the turtles nesting on the beach as well as you will see the new hatchlings making their first run to the Ocean.

Also a great occasion to see Humpback whales breaching in front of our camping ground while enjoying a great barbecue.

Protecting turtle eggs Team work for turtle conservation in Cabo San Lucas Family oriented tour

Family oriented tourMarine Biologist lead turtle hatchery tour cabo san lucasDifferent species of turtles found in Cabo San Lucas Protecting turtle eggsHatchlings running to the seaClassroom lesson Turtle hatchery Los CabosTeam work for turtle conservation in Cabo San Lucas Great turtle release experience in Baja Turtle releaseOlive Ridly Sea Turtles Mating

Cabo Trek Turtle Hatchery tours run from:

  • 1st of July till 1st of November Cabo Turtle Nesting
  • 1st of September till 15th of December Cabo Turtle Release

IMPORTANT: please note that from 1st of September till 1st of November “Turtle Nesting” and “Turtle Release” tours can be combined!

During this period of time Cabo Trek runs 1 weekly tour that takes place every Wednesday (*) starting at:

  • 04:00 PM for Combo Tour: Turtle Nesting plus Turtle Release (aprox. 18 Hours)
  • 04:00 PM for Turtle Release (4 Hours)
  • 05:00 PM for Turtle Nesting (aprox. 16 Hours)
  • More days available upon request. Contact us

*Min. 3 personas necessary to run the trip

Humpback whales itinerary_map

Cabo Turtle Nesting

Cabo Turtle Release

Cabo Turtle Combo

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